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My life has changed dramatically in the past six months. My oldest started kindergarten and I went back to work full-time. With my son starting a new school, it was like I was entering a new school as well. New parents to meet, play dates to plan (or in my case, favors to watch my kid while I have afternoon meetings, thank you friends!) It was funny, but I had the new school jitters like him, will I be cool enough for school, will my kid get invited to birthday parties? Of course, all of this is the case.  One of the great things that happened is that I was lucky enough to be invited to join MotherWoman.

Since I moved to the Pioneer Valley, I had heard about MotherWoman.  MotherWoman is organization founded by two moms who had a huge awakening when they became parents and needed a place to safely talk about what was happening in their lives. When they looked around they found infant massage, baby yoga; all activities focused on the child and not a group focused on the mothers. So they started a group themselves. The group is place with no judgements, no advice, no kids. A place to speak uninterrupted. It is amazing to say out loud, “my kid really made me so angry today” and see 10-12 heads nod back at you.

We meet once a month. There is lots of laughter, a few tears and plenty of chocolate. I do not leave the group with answers but leave knowing I am not alone in this journey, that many, if not all of us, are learning as we go. Many of the woman in the group I did not know, but some are Moms from school. We don’t get time to really talk on the playground but it is nice to get a nod when your kid is having a tantrum that you are not being judged, that they understand.

To learn more about MotherWoman and start a group of your own, visit


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