New Haven Leon

One of the great pleasures of my Barefoot Business is getting to help local non-profits with fundraisers. One such organization is New Haven Leon.

Their mission is:

The New Haven/León Sister City Project is a progressive, binational, grassroots organization that fosters a partnership between the communities of Greater New Haven, Connecticut and León, Nicaragua. Our mission is to promote social justice. We work to form fair and respectful relationships between the people of our two cities. Through delegations and other exchanges, we strive to understand and celebrate our respective cultures. In León, we engage in sustainable economic, human, and community development projects. In New Haven, we educate our neighbors about Nicaragua and about local and global effects of policies of the U.S. government and international economic institutions.

Through their work they create programs and provide much needed support to children in Nicaragua. They have become an affiliate with Barefoot to have a book drive. Any purchases made through their link will go towards buying Barefoot Books in Spanish for their Community Education Programs.

Please click here to have your purchase support this great cause!

To learn more about the Barefoot Books affiliate for your blog or fundraising needs, click here


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