Kids Craft Weekly Barefoot Giveaway

***Congrats to Winner Michelle Toppi!***

I am so excited to be the featured blog on Kids Craft Weekly! Amber loves Barefoot Books too and asked me to do a giveaway for her readers. Enter to win a Whole World Activity Pack. This includes the Whole World Mini Edition with sing-along CD and the brand new World World Fun Eco Activities Pack. This includes fun activities about recycling and conservation.

To enter, please comment below about your favorite Barefoot Book. If you’ve never heard of Barefoot Books, please visit my Barefoot Books site and mention a book you like. The contest will end Sunday, November 9 at 12am (EST).

Good Luck



64 responses to “Kids Craft Weekly Barefoot Giveaway

  1. I have never looked at your website before and I am very excited about it. I think I would like your book Hidden Hippo. Thank you. Roxanne

  2. I love Kids Craft Weekly and Barefoot Books. Our favorite is My Daddy is a Pretzel. My 6 year old loves to practice the yoga poses.

  3. I love all the books, my kids favourite though is the animal boogie.

  4. I’d never heard of Barefoot Books before, but the titles look great! Dotty Spotty Doodles looks like fun. Thanks for the introduction.

  5. As a middle school literacy teacher and mother of a preschooler, I can attest that Barefoot Books are great. One of my daughter’s favorites is the Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales — vivid illustrations and engaging text. Thanks.

  6. Oh, that’s easy. My favorite is The Boy Who Grew Flowers. There are so many other great books. I love Barefoot Books! Congrats on being Kid’s Craft Weekly’s Featured Blog!

  7. I can’t wait to look through your blog. I’ve found a lot of great blogs through Kids Craft Weekly.

  8. my daughter has just discovered the world of fairies, and i love to encourage it without the world of disney. the barefoot book of faeries is perfect!

  9. Arthur of Albion…I would love to win some Barefoot Book goodness! 🙂

  10. I am visiting from Kidscraft weekly & your site looks very interesting. I had planned have a look at your Barefoot books but ended up at Happy Sacks (- what a great idea by the way). I will definitely be back to spend more time on your site. We in our small family are constanly looking for ways to reduce our “footprint” so all ideas are welcome. I’ll be back… Connie

  11. I love the wise woman stories from Grandmothers Stories and of course the lively illustrations!

  12. I love the Yoga Planet book.

  13. We have a Barefoot Book of Blessings and Animal Boogie with cd and we love them both. I’m off to go find some more with the nice 30% off!

  14. I bought the Barefoot version of the Odyssey for my son. The illustrations are breathtaking, and it was so much fun for this Classics major mom to read to her son!

  15. My 3 year old really loves Little Red Hen And The Ear Of Wheat.

  16. Wow! honestly I never heard of barefoot books before, but they certainly look awesome, zig zag zebra, really caught my attention, thanks for introducing them to us, we love reading,

  17. Awesome giveaway, love your books, hard to mention one, we are great fan of you guys.

  18. No contest – The Boy Who Grew Flowers!

  19. We have LOTS of favorites in Barefoot Books, it’s so hard to choose just one! I think I pick The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems because of the chosen poems and the amazing, beautiful illustrations for them. Course there’s The Adventures of Odysseus for our Greek Mythology studies in homeschool…and then there’s Grandmothers Stories….and then My Daddy is a Pretzel….and The Calendar of Festivals…..oh…you get the picture….:)

  20. I love Bearfoot books and more importantly . . . so do my kids! We don’t have Whole World and would love to add it to our collection!

  21. I love Barefoot books for both the content and the artwork. A joy to share with kids. In particular, I love Yoga Planet.

  22. African Animals ABC – I just love the illustrations! I hadn’t heard of Barefoot Books but I am loading up my shopping cart as I type!

  23. I’ve never read any of your books or heard of them until now. I just found your site after seeing that you’re the featured blogger on the kids craft weekly. Anyway, I’d love to read the book “I Took the Moon for a Walk”.

  24. We love the artwork of barefoot books. One of our favorite is ‘the barefoot book of classic poems’. This is for the first time I visited your barefoot website but have seen this book on one of my friend’s bookshelf.

  25. Great products but as a vegan I have to pick “Herb the Vegetarian Dragon”!

  26. The Fairy Tales book would be a favorite in our house.

  27. These books are gorgeous. My husband is a librarian and I can’t wait to tell him about these. I have a soft spot for moon books so I think that i would choose “I took the moon for a walk”. But I could easily fill a bookcase with these. Thanks for introducing me to these.

  28. Christine DeGuzman

    Our favorite Barefoot Book is The Gigantic Turnip. Both my 7 year old & my 4 year old love the story, though I think I may be the biggest fan. 🙂

  29. Right now, we are loving “I Took the Moon for a Walk” , but we have many Barefoot favorites!

  30. I had never heard of Barefoot Books before today and I feel I’ve been missing out because of it! The illustrations look beautiful and inviting, the words catchy. In particular I love the look of the the Bear series, namely Bear About Town. My son loves simple maps in books and we can spend more time following them at the end than we have reading the whole book!
    My next job is to find where they are stocked in Melbourne.

  31. Hi Dawn!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    This is my first time hearing about Barefoot books (Thanks Amber for the mention), and as I checked out the site, I love it immediately!

    If I were to choose one favourite book, it’d actually be, the ‘Whole World’ set.

    I’m a mom of two little ones and we do encourage recycling at home, and having the book will be an added BONUS for us all! Especially the kids!!

    Another book we’d love will be the “Fly around the world with My Granny Went to Market”.

    I’d like to introduce my 4.5yo girl to the ‘world’ out there, the different countries etc. My husband and I believe that the more we travel the world, the more we interact with people of all races and those from other countries, the more ‘open-minded’ and ‘accepting’ we’ll be towards people of all levels. And that’s what we’d like our kids to be too.

    Anyway, hope we can win the book set!

    [Pick me! Pick me! :)]


    Our Everyday Things
    – Loving Life with Children, Everyday

  32. HI. I love Barefoot books for their beautiful illustrations designed to inspire young children to look inside and read. I run a Children’s Library and our mission is encourage adults to share beautiful books with children. Keep up the good work. (PS: I also love Kids Craft Weekly for its inspiring ideas that help make our job easier!)

  33. Hi Dawn!
    Our favourite barefoot book is “Ship Shapes” by Stella Blackstone. In fact we love most of Stella’s! My daughter loves finding all the shapes within the beautifully crafted pages. So much to look at.
    Great blog by the way!

  34. Cleo the Cat is always a favourite from our library! What wonderful puppets and puzzles you have too.

  35. Carole Meyer-Rieth

    I received a copy of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (Sung by: Fred Penner
    Illustrated by: Sophie Fatus) and our kids (ages 1 and 3) request it again and again – with or without the accompanying CD! The illustrations are so bright and happy – my kids each have favorite things they like to point at each time we read the book. I’d be thrilled to win this drawing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. “Dotty Spotty Doodles” looks like fun!

  37. The CREEPY CRAWLY CALYPSO would be a favorite with my 4 1/2 year old. A fun way to learn your numbers!

  38. Barefoot Books are new to me, but from my initial browse of the site they will soon be added to my bookshelves. I’ve ticked off many faves, but the one that sticks out the most is “Whole World Fun Eco Activities”. I’m currently greening my household and would love to get my toddler more involved – this book would help.

  39. my little boy loves to garden so The Boy Who Grew Flowers is a real favorite. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  40. This is my first visit – what a great concept


  41. I’ve been a fan of barefoot books ever since I bought How Big is a Pig? for my then 2 year old boy, 3 years ago. It put me on to Clare Beaton whose textile illustrations are truly inspiring. I think the thing I like most about barefoot books are the quality of the illustrations….being in the visual arts ‘realm’ myself, I really connect with the pictures….anyway, love the stuff, keep on publishing great books!

  42. I had never heard of Barefoot Books before – and now I think I am in love! Great topics and beautiful illustrations.
    I think I would love Whole World, but the biggest hit with my animal loving animals would be Animal Boogie.
    Thank you to Amber for introducing me to Barefoot Books.

  43. There’s a Barefoot Books store near me and we all love visiting…it’s a refreshing change from the superchains who sell the same old rubbish. I can’t remember the last book we bought, we have SO many but it would have been educational I imagine.
    I love the look of the Whole World Activity pack. We live in the bush and rely on rainwater and mother nature to grow our own fruits and veg. We recycle all green waste through our chooks and compost and although we don’t have a recycling service where we are, we take the time to pack all recyclables into canvas bags and drive them into the nearest town where there is a big recycling centre. I really hope my kids grow to understand the responsibility of caring for our planet…they are our future!!

  44. We love love The Boy who grew Flowers. Great Story.

  45. We love Herb the Vegetarian Dragon and I am so glad to find your site. I had no idea you had so many folk tales from other countries – fantastic!

  46. I have heard of Barefoot Books and various titles from others. I just started a home-based day care and love to find new alternatives to mainstream media (ESPECIALLY children’s literature–I’d love to rewrite so many popular books, contemporary and classic). Thank you Amber (Kids Craft Weekly) for introducing me to this blog and to Barefoot Books!

  47. I love your site I have never heard of you but being a playgroup co-ordinator and Mum of three living in Australia I am a real softy for great books and I was excited to see an old favourite of mine from childhood…the Gigantic Turnip.

  48. Absolutely adore The Beeman!

  49. We’ve had ‘There’s a cow in the cabbage patch’ out of the library and my son loved it but other than that I’m a newbie to Barefoot. I’ve already got a LONG christmas list though since visiting the site. I fancy Daddy Island for my little boy to share with his Daddy. But lots of others for me to share with him!

  50. Definitely LOVE El Mundo…teaching my girls about the whole World is SO important to me, and what better way than with your Barefoot Books!

  51. We like the Book of Fairies right now. We’ve been listening to the CD in the car as we drive. I’ve always loved all the barefoot books we’ve read.

  52. Heather deBethencourt

    We are very familiar with Barefoot Books. My little guy’s current favoirte is anything Cleo!!!
    Will check out your 30% off sale. Thank you!

  53. I hadn’t heard of Barefoot Books until looking at the site and saw I Took the Moon for a Walk. We (me and my almost 3 and 4 year olds) loved that book. I am excited to have found you and hope to read more of your books.

  54. I love Kids Craft Weekly, but hadn’t had a look at Barefoot books til now – I love them too! ‘Babushka’ looks like the most beautiful book with such a sweet message for Christmas-time

  55. We love many of your books, but the all time favorites, hands down, are the cd/books of Knight tales and Pirate tales. My son (a beginning/pre-reader) spends so much time looking at the books and listening to his favorite stories full of adventure that is mommy-approved. I also just wanted to mention that my daughter’s requested bedtime music for multiple years was the dreamland cd.

  56. hello!

    i checked out your site, and liked it! it’s nice to find a place that helps narrow down the huge amount of choice we have in books these days!

    i believe that my son would like “What’s This?”, about the sunflower. he loves gardening, and we are growing sunflowers right now!

    thanks a lot 🙂

  57. This all looks so great – count me in!

  58. Animal Boogie – How cute!!

    Angela <

  59. I like “The Gigantic Turnip” and also all the books illustrated by Alison Jay. Barefoot Books is a great company. Thanks.

  60. We would love the book of fairies…even if we don’t win a copy I will try to get a copy for our family library.

  61. We LOVE Shopping With Dad!! The rhyming text is great, it’s funny, and it has a great moral. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  62. We like the Bear books. (ie Bear Around Town, Bear in a Square, etc). This would be a fun giveaway to win for my girls. Thanks for the entry.


  63. Is this open to Canadians? If not, just disregard my entry. I don’t have a fav barefoot book since I’ve only read a few but right now we have How Big is a Pig from the library.
    callista83 AT cogeco DOT ca

  64. Every Christmas my kiddos and I love to read “The Gingerbread Man”, and then make gingerbread cookies (with the recipe in the back) when we are done!

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