New Beginnings

There are many new beginnings in my house this Fall

My son started Kindergarten, my daughter is turning 2 and I returned to work. Of course I have always been working. I have been home with my daughter and running my Barefoot business for two years. It was hard to say good-bye to this special time. I shed many, many tears. More than I thought I would because I have an older child and I sent him of to daycare. But this was different. I was home with my little one. Once I accepted my new job, I realized it was real and that my life was going to change very quickly. It was nice that I had a few weeks to say goodbye to this time in my life. We went to Woodstar and had coffee and a muffin and I cried. We went to the Northampton Parents Center to play with friends and I cried. I told anyone who would listen and a cried. It was nice to know I have so many people to talk to.

All that being said, I have to say that I enjoy being back in the workplace.


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