A perfect Barefoot moment

by Hilltown Families

This is a shot of my booth at the NOFA conference. The man in the picture read to the kids for a good 15-20 minutes on my rug. This is what is so fun about doing events and introducing people to Barefoot.


5 responses to “A perfect Barefoot moment

  1. Michelle MacLean

    What a fantastic photo. It really made me smile! I love it when things like this happen at my booth too. This is what living barefoot is all about. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathleen von Raesfeld

    I am SO glad you captured this moment! This is when I just stand back and smile… you provided a place where families could come together and enjoy – it just perfect! Recently I had a big sister sit down to read to her little sis – this just warms my heart!

  3. Very cool, we love children’s books and going barefoot! BTW, found you thru the green mommy guide.

    Oh, just saw Eric Carle link, he is one of my favorites!

  4. Love the picture!! Thanks for including it.

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