Scooter Man

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The other mode of transportation in our house is a Scooter. A cute little red number that my husband happily drives to work everyday. He loves it. He loves the quiet time he has during his commute. He loves the low waves he gets from motorcyclists and toots from other scooters. He loves to tell people he’s gotta scoot. (ha, ha)

What’s most important is the effect it has had on our checkbook. I believe it gets 100 miles to the gallon. He loves to fill up at the gas station next to a big SUV and commiserate about how expensive is to gas up. “Gees”, he’ll say “$4.10 to fill my tank”, while the guy next to him is paying $50-$100.

Is there a down side, sure. He’s had a few scrapes from wiping out on an oil slick and cars can be aggressive but we are definitely seeing more scooters on the road in our area.


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