Ethiopian Culture Camp

I had the pleasure of participating in a recent Ethiopian Culture Camp at Franklin Pierce College. The Camp is a time for children adopted from Ethiopia and their families to spend time together as a community. The kids were obviously ecstatic to be together. It is amazing to see these families. One man I met was 17 and just adopted 9 months or so ago. As I was leaving the event, the families were meeting to take a group picture. They were all dressed in traditional Ethiopian garb, scarves and long flowing skirts. This is a completely family-run event.

The most popular title was African Animals ABC. As with many Barefoot Books, there are great end notes that describe the illustrated animals.

A portion of the sales I made will go towards a donation for the Culture Camp. If you’d like your purchase to benefit the camp, Please enter event code EV28 at checkout


One response to “Ethiopian Culture Camp

  1. Please be in touch so we can network with the camp. We are Vt. grassroots non-profit that provides care for orphans in Ehtiopia!

    802-299-2220. Please call to talk

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