Where Can I sell Barefoot Books?

A great thing about my Barefoot Books business is that I get to support to support new Stallholders have successful businesses. Training and support is something a really enjoyed in my previous career and I happy to do it again. I’ll occasionally have training posts for Stallholders to refer to.

My first post is to answer an often asked question, Where can I sell Barefoot Books? I found that you can pretty much sell Barefoot anywhere. Everyone has a connection to a child in someway, be it son, daughter, grandchildren, niece, you get the idea. Here are just a few of the venues that have been very receptive to Barefoot Books.

Home Parties and Schools, of course

Hospitals (Many hospitals will have vendors as a fundraiser, usually 10-20% of your sales will go to the hospital)

Corporate Offices/Large Office buildings (Corporations don’t like their staff to leave the building so they provide everything in-house: gym, hairdresser, dry cleaner, vendors for Holiday gifts)

Assisted Living Facilities ( I attended a very successful vendor fair at an upscale facility in the area)

Community Festivals: Town Days, Music Festivals, Kids Festivals, Animal Festivals, May Fairs, Book Festivals, Multicultural Fairs

Conferences for Preschools, Nurses, Reading Recovery, Literacy, La Leche Leagues, Red Hat Societies

Green Fairs, Earth Day Celebrations

If you can think of any more please add them.


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