Barefoot Books in PJ Library

My family is a proud member of the PJ Library, a wonderful program started by the Grinspoon Foundation. The PJ Library sends books that relay Jewish values and content monthly to kids 0-7. My kids get so excited when their books come in the mail. I feel very lucky that The Grinspoon Foundation is based in Western Mass and we get to benefit from such wonderful programs. This program is now national so you can check their site and see if it is available in your area.

I am excited to say that Barefoot Books is now part of the PJ Library. One City, Two Brothers, a Silver Winner in the 2008 Nautilus Book Awards, tells the ancient folktale of the creation of Jerusalem.


2 responses to “Barefoot Books in PJ Library

  1. we are members of pj library as well. it is so wonderful. my kids get so excited when our books come in the mail.
    do you know who is responsible for getting One City Two Brothers into the Pj Library rotation? I was just wondering if it was one of our fellow stallholders…
    I became a stallholder in Feb and that was one of my first thoughts!

  2. Hi Ariella, thanks for posting. I introduced PJ Library to Barefoot Books. I live in Western Mass where the Grinspoon Foundation and PJ Library is based. It is an amazing program. The quality of books is amazing and it is great that Barefoot is a part of it.

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