Barefoot Books in ForeWard Magazine

I was featured in the ForeWard Magazine E-Newsletter in January after the Twentieh Annual Indy And Small Press Book Fair and forgot to share it. How selfish of me. Thanks Eugene!

Barefoot Books. Dawn Cordeiro and Laurie Mattaliano are work-at-home mothers who came down from Massachusetts to present this children’s line “that celebrate art and story,” with a learning experience about themselves and the world. As “stallholders” they are among hundreds of parents who attend book fairs and special events to build their own business and promote the value of the book.

Title Text The two illustrated books I bought for my granddaughters (with audio CDs bound in) are Magic Hoofbeats: Fantastic Horse Tales (978-1-84686-129-1) and Winter King, Summer Queen (978-1-84686-009-6). The first one, for middle schoolers, tells the story through words and illustrations of eight horses from countries around the world. The second one is for younger children, and beautifully describes how the seasons of winter and summer are born. Barefoot Books are beautifully designed and printed and can be viewed in their printed catalog or on-line at


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