Meeting Xinran

Sorry it’s been a little quiet here. Busy with the family and the upcoming Holiday season.

On 10/18, I traveled to Boston for a Barefoot Books Stallholder Conference. It was great to meet other Stallholders and visit the corporate office and the lovely store. As you might expect, the offices were bright and colorful. While in our meeting, Nancy Traversy, co-founder of Barefoot, walked by the room and I had a dorky “There she is!” moment (With myself, of course).

The most exciting part of the meeting was that we were able to meet with Xinran, the founder of Motherbridge of Love. She shared with us her story and the creation of Motherbridge.

She first explained that she has not met her birth parents and wishes one day celebrate her birthday with them. (This is where I started to get misty).

She is a very accomplished journalist who has given a voice to many of the unseen in China. She explained that she started Motherbridge so that all the girls and boys (mostly girls) that had been adopted from China would have a place to learn about their cultural heritage.


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