Barefoot in November

This is my first full Holiday season with Barefoot Books and I wanted to share some of the highlights

I was recently a vendor at the Literacy for All conference in Providence, RI. It was a conference of around 2000 Reading Recovery Teachers. It was great to meet so many dedicated teachers. It was fun to meet those that love Barefoot and were excited to see us and those who had never heard of Barefoot before but immediately got what Barefoot’s about. Jane Yolen, author of Barefoot Books of Ballet Stories, was a the banquet speaker and graciously signed copies of the book for us. Most exciting was a teacher that wanted to become a Stallholder but was having trouble signing-up online. She’s now a member of my team. Yeah!

Next week I’ll be doing a Book Drive for the Northampton Parents Center, which is a wonderful cooperative community center, where I bring my little one. Little one loves to ride all the trikes and eat the rice from the rice table.

I am very excited to have a table at the upcoming Holiday Fair at The Hartsbrook School, the Valley’s Waldorf School. I keep hearing what a magical event it is. My family will definitely be joining me for this one.




4 responses to “Barefoot in November

  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying this. That’s great!

  2. I am having fun. The kids enjoy it too, because they join me at most of these events. It’s a family business 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a great opportunity to network and share the great story of Barefoot books.

  4. My family came with me to the Hartsbrook fair and had a wonderful time. The school is surrounding by rolling hills and my son had fun running up and down them. I also saw many, many friends which is always nice. I love that I get to participate in events like this and that my family gets to enjoy them.

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