Free Tanglewood

Today my kids and I met another Barefoot Stallholder (we’re such a friendly group) at Tanglewood. On Thursdays and Fridays the grounds are open to the public while the BSO rehearses. The grounds are beautiful and there was hardly anyone there, maybe 50-75 people. This left a lot of green open space for the kids to run, play frisbee, climb trees and discover a secret garden.  The orchestra was rehearsing an operatic piece as well as Beethoven’s 9th. I find it to be such a relaxing place. And the kids really got along well together. Three boys 5, 4, 3. It was nice not to raise your voice or have to separate anyone. Maybe they felt what a relaxing place it was as well (or maybe because mom was so relaxed).  My son announced at one point, “I’m enjoying my visit to Tanglewood”. That is a five star review in my book.

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