Yoga for Kids

My son recently started attending a public preschool and we’re really happy with it. He has gym class, library time and yoga every week. He loves to come home and show me what poses he has learned.

He loves to read My Daddy is a Pretzel by Yoga guru, Baron Baptiste. It shows kids from all different backgrounds and the different professions their parents have, including farmer, architect and marine biologist. There is then a corresponding yoga pose with clear instructions. The Physical Therapists at my son’s school love the book and said it’s the best yoga for kids books they have seen.

One of my husband’s proudest parent moments is related to this book. When he dropped off our son at daycare one day, our son joined his friend at the water table. His friend pointed at a fish and said “Meemo, Meemo” for Nemo. My son walked up to the table, pointed to a swimmer in the water and said “Look Daddy, it’s a Marine Biologist” 🙂


One response to “Yoga for Kids

  1. Another exciting trend in yoga is how it’s being used more and more as a therapeutic activity for children with special needs. There’s a great organization in Hadley, MA called Whole Children that provides such classes.

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