Where’s Spring?

Two weeks ago I planted bulbs, today I watched it sleet. I really want it to be spring. My son and I planted seeds (inside of course) and read What’s This? by Caroline Mockford. It’s a wonderful story about a girl and her cat caring for a seed and watching it grow into a sunflower. It made my son excited for our trips to our CSA, http://www.mountainviewfarmcsa.com/

We also read Winter King and the Summer Queen. The King and Queen are in conflict over the weather on Earth, the Queen sending warm sun and the King sending cold and snow (very appropriate for today). We just got this book the other day and I’ve read it to my son 4 or 5 times as well as listened to the story on CD. He enjoys the description of the King with his “spiky icicle boots” and “trousers made of glaciers and a huge, snow-blown cloak.” Brrr!

To learn more about these titles visit www.discoverbarefootbooks.com


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